Impact Value Add

It’s our privilege to partner with founders who are seeing around corners and changing the game. To them, success is not about status, it is about impact. They are rigorously curious and incrementally better isn’t interesting.

Our purpose is to support those founders who choose to take our capital. We aren’t into power dynamics, we are into constructive collaboration and delivering tangible support in company-defining areas — navigating tricky regulatory waters, formulating multi-tiered nuanced strategies, providing professional coaching, attracting world-class c-level executives, effectively embracing capital raising, M&A, and IPOs.

We call it “Impact Value-Add (IVA)” to differentiate from the table-stakes services that venture firms typically promise. We set our bar exceptionally high in regard to both the magnitude and frequency of our value-add, often asking ourselves if our contributions would be included in a founders’ hypothetical memoir.

We aspire to, and are able to, deliver this level of service in large part due to our unique backgrounds as experienced operators, advisors, research analysts, and investors. Our efforts are reinforced and augmented by a deep bench of executives and experts that we are lucky to call advisors and friends.

Like the entrepreneurs we invest in, we aren’t interested in building something derivative or static. We believe in continuous self improvement and our founders help us to become better partners every day.

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