Cindy Van alter-ego

Operations Manager


Cindy spent the majority of her career at a private wealth management firm where she focused on supporting her busy executive team, assisting high net worth clients, and streamlining operational processes. It was at this role where she discovered that she enjoys the oddly satisfying feeling of creating structure out of chaos and providing a white-glove touch.

She joined ACME in 2020 where she still brings this mentality to her day-to-day tasks as Operations Manager. Whether it’s designing flow charts, coordinating a demo with an up and coming start-up, or just getting into the weeds to create a more efficient operational process—she enjoys empowering her teammates to be more productive. She allows them to do what they do best with what she does best—understanding her audience and creating practical, impactful solutions for them.

Cindy studied at the University of the Pacific where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.


Cindy was originally born in the Bay Area but moved to Stockton, California soon thereafter, where she lived nearly her entire life. (Her parents are certainly still kicking themselves for not sticking around the Bay Area and buying property.) Stockton does have its reputation— high crime rate, high illiteracy rate, bankrupt, and deemed “most miserable city” by Forbes magazine; however, she wouldn’t change any of it. It taught her to appreciate the melting pot of different cultures and to respect people from all walks of life and their struggles.

Things came full circle when she ended up moving back to the Bay Area after graduating. She spent four years back in the Bay Area before discovering that the hospital across the street from her condo was actually the hospital she was born in! Definitely full circle.

Her parents are immigrants who miraculously escaped the Cambodian genocide, “The Khmer Rouge.” They instilled in her a sense of work ethic, having made a life in America after starting out without a dollar to their name. Her parents’ story inspires her to move forward and work for a better future, one that previous generations of her family could have only dreamed of. Growing up in this environment laid the foundation for who she is today. And who Cindy is today is best described as “scrappy.” If something speaks to her, she will find a way to teach herself the necessary skills to help make that vision come to life.

Throughout her life, she’s found herself poking her nose into a variety of unrelated projects, but the common thread in all of them has been that they allow her to play “storyteller,” providing her the opportunity to understand and move her audience. As a kid, she won a local playwright contest, and in high school, she wrote movie scripts that her friends would film to bring to life.
Growing up in the rise of the internet age, Cindy was inspired by digital art. She is part “self-taught” coder and part “sneak-into-a-graphic-design-course” student. This entrepreneurial mentality helped her learn to create digital work that was both beautiful and impactful – work that told a story.

Cindy loves all things involving style and visual aesthetics—beauty, fashion, interior design, and art. She sees it as a medium for one to express their personality and allow the world to understand them when words fail. Something that has also been a part of her life is her love for music and performing – she loves singing and appreciates live performances with amazing stage presence. She deeply appreciates when an artist is able to bring a certain energy to the stage and move their audience through their medium of performance. (Needless to say, she is a Beyoncé fan through and through.) To her, all these things are just a form of storytelling.

Cindy currently resides in Berkeley with her partner (and hopefully a dog soon!) and is charmed by the city’s humble energy and genuine community.