Stacey Monteiro Leanos alter-ego

Director of Investor Relations


Stacey Monteiro Leanos is the Director of Investor Relations for ACME, responsible for managing the firm’s investor communications and fundraising activities.

Stacey was previously Director of Investor Relations for Sherpa Capital. She was most recently Associate Director of Investor and Public Relations for Cerus Corporation (NASDAQ: CERS), a biomedical products company focused in the field of blood transfusion safety. Prior to Cerus, Stacey spent 13 years with Bay City Capital, a $1.6 billion venture capital firm focused in the life sciences sector. She was most recently Senior Director of Marketing and Investor Relations, responsible for marketing, investor relations, and media communications for the firm and its venture capital funds. Prior to Bay City Capital, she spent four years as a Portfolio Analyst conducting industry and market research at Ashfield & Co., an asset management firm specializing in investment strategies for high net worth individuals, institutions, and endowments.

Stacey received a BA in Business Economics from Mills College, as well as an MBA from the Mills College Lokey Graduate School of Business. She was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and lives in the East Bay with her two daughters.


Stacey is a first-generation American, born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her mother and father both immigrated to California from Santa Maria, a small island of only 6,000 people in the middle of the Atlantic that is part of the Azores, which belong to Portugal. 

From an early age, Stacey has had an intense love of music. Although she never played a musical instrument herself and can’t carry a tune outside of a karaoke bar, her teenage daughter is now a seasoned guitar player since the age of 7, and the two enjoy going to as many concerts as they can together – more than a dozen in the past year alone! Her younger daughter is now getting in on the act, attending her first concert last summer.

Along with music comes dancing. In her youth, Stacey was an avid dancer and cheerleader. Although she shelved her dancing shoes for a while, she recently decided to make it a priority again, and is having a blast taking salsa and bachata lessons, and is having a blast! 

Stacey has a love of fashion and her ACME colleagues love to tease her about being a Rent the Runway spokesperson. An avid user of this portfolio company’s services, she will turn over 20+ dresses in a month and claims she is determined to try every item on the platform.