Aleda Johnson

Aleda Johnson alter-ego

Platform, Operations, & Marketing Manager


Aleda manages people, operations, events, and marketing at ACME. She focuses on creating great experiences and impactful outcomes for the team, portfolio, and investors.

In 2018, Aleda moved from Wisconsin to San Francisco and joined Atomic Venture Studio where she stayed for almost 5 years managing operations. Prior to her move, Aleda managed a hostel and traveled as an au pair across Europe.

Aleda has a B.A. in Liberal Studies from the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater.

She is based in Oakland, CA.


Aleda believes that brilliant ideas emerge from intersections. She prefers to think in venn diagrams and doesn’t like labels that don’t account for shades of gray. In college, she changed her major four times before finally deciding on the most cross-disciplinary degree of all, Liberal Studies. Aleda is most interested in the intersections of people, experience, and innovation.

Aleda embraces the term ‘silly’ as a compliment and would say play is one of the most important components of a happy life. She loves learning, crafting, reading, art, music, and adventure; she considers herself a professional dabbler. Aleda seeks out novel experiences everywhere she goes and enjoys creating experiences for others. She is involved with several different event communities in the Bay Area and is a contributor at one of the hardest events of all, Burning Man. As a “burner” you probably can’t reach her over Labor Day.

Aleda was introduced to Burning Man by random roommates she found on Facebook when moving to San Francisco in 2018. Fortunately, these roommates became her best friends and introduced her to a group of the most lovely San Francisco weirdos you could imagine. Her friends are one of the most important pillars of her life.

Aleda and her partner, Brian, live in Oakland and plan to spend the coming years traveling, learning, and creating things.