ACME is a venture capital firm investing in iconic founders disrupting massive markets. Our co-founders have been backing game-changing companies for over 30 years collectively. Our purpose is to support those founders who choose to take our capital. Read more about our operating system of values here.


Short-term home rental and experiences marketplace

Mobile video game studio for core games and gaming experiences

A completely new concept in consumer commerce

Revolutionary device that connects users to their health at the molecular level

Customized prescription skincare from expert dermatologists

The world's leading mobile transportation platform

The fastest, easiest way to see an urgent care doctor or psychologist

Rethinking the way you buy, drive, and own a car

Marketplace for recruiting human capital

Personalized makeup, beauty products and how-to video tutorials

Full parallax display technology enabling 3D holographic images

Proven IT training for anyone willing to grow

Performance solutions to power more open, effective, and accountable government

Connected security dashcams

Your birth control prescribed and delivered

A full-service pharmacy that delivers a better, simpler experience.

Direct-to-consumer consumer provider of toothbrushes and other oral care products

Rent the Runway is a women's fashion e-commerce company

An artificial intelligence powered friend that you teach and grow in conversations

Brokerage offering free stock trading

Messaging app for teams who are changing the world

Socks that are uncommonly cool

A stealth health company

A stealth space company

Finding better ways for cities to move, work and thrive

Connecting dog owners with on-demand walking, sitting, and boarding services

Making roads safer for everyone with better data and analytics

Our Team

At some places uniformity is celebrated; we find it dull. We come from different backgrounds and have different strengths[i] and it is this symphony of superpowers that we draw on for our founders. We are a thoughtfully assembled cast of characters connected by a DNA of service, deep loyalty and a shared belief that good ideas can come from anywhere with no relation to level or rank.

Liz Keen

Operating Partner - Head of Brand and Communications

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