Aike Ho alter-ego



Aike Ho is a Partner at ACME, where she focuses on healthcare, fintech, and consumer investments. Prior to ACME, Aike was at J.P. Morgan Chase, where she played various intra-preneurial roles across the bank. In 2014, she helped launch the Investment Bank’s 150-person cross-asset electronic trading desk, named Execution Services. At the Consumer Bank, she led the development and launch of Chase Pay to Chase’s 52+ million customers. Prior to her corporate detour, Aike was a serial entrepreneur and built companies.

Aike is a graduate of Yale University. Aike and her partner live in New York.


Aike was born to Taiwanese expat parents in Jakarta, Indonesia. Her parents met when the photographer of Miss Beautiful Teeth Taiwan introduced the runner up (Aike’s mom) to his best friend, a young dentist-in-the-making (Aike’s dad). To this day, the fact that she never had braces is a source of pride for Aike.

Life in Jakarta was swell. Aike’s family is convinced that much of her confidence, even from an early age, came from being the first grandchild whom her grandparents doted on.

That confidence is probably what drove Aike to take many leaps of faith across her life to do what she loves doing the most: building. In elementary school, she ran an underground Pokemon trading cards empire that netted her far more money than a 7-year-old should have. In high school, she started an organization in the DC/VA/MD area that placed students into political campaigns as volunteers. In just a few years, the organization grew and she worked with every major campaign in the area. At Yale, she started 3 companies, which included an edtech nonprofit, a materials-science R&D company, and a restaurant in New Haven.

After an unexpected battle with cancer, Aike decided to end her corporate life, go back to the world of building that she loves so much, and put on the investor hat with a group of people who truly get her. She and her better half packed up their New York winter coats and moved to sunny (but not really) San Francisco.

Aike’s deep hunger for adventure often leads her to travel to the far corners of the world, whether it be traversing the concrete jungles of Tokyo, climbing down million-year-old caves in Indonesia, island hopping with friends, running across a frozen lake in New Hampshire, flying high in a hot air balloon, or chasing after whales on the coast of California. More often than not, there is delicious food involved. Whether it’s hunting down the best hole-in-the-wall omelette pancakes (“dan bing”) in Taipei or hosting elaborate dinner feasts, Aike really believes in the old saying, “will travel and/or work for food.”

Aike’s great-great-great-grandfather was a Chinese philosopher-poet and deigned that the first child of her generation would be named the first characters of a two-lined poem that he composed. So – Aike’s name means “love of revolution.”